Let’s start by saying this very not safe for work.   Let’s continue by saying that online magazine, The Nth Word has a feature this week about one of the most intriguing urban legends actual locations on the face of the Earth: a Bangkok house of fleshy delights.  

You may or many not have heard about the labial acrobatics alleged to occur in such dens if inequity.  You may have heard things like they’re really good at playing ping pong without paddles or hands.   You may have heard these things because they’re shockingly, disgustingly, and intriguingly true.  Author Harmon Leon looks on in slack-jawed befuddlement: 

The first acts are mere warm-ups of what lies ahead. Though nothing is really erotic about all this, though I find myself hypnotized at the marvels of "women’s equipment." For these are athletic feats. Feats that require extreme muscle control and concentration. 

Be warned that the following is somewhat unsettling, but because this is the internet, there’ll always be something worse.  So, we’re not worried. For the interseted, there’s way more lurid detail in the full article.  For the rest of you, here’s a spoof of the above events from Break. 

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