This is the Looflighter. It looks like some contraption girls would use to curl their hair. But, let’s make this perfectly clear right off the bat, that is one of the last things you should ever do with the Looflighter.

The Looflighter is used to start fires, primarily, one would assume, in a fireplace. But it does so without using any sparks or lighter fluid. No, the Looflighter is much more exciting: it blasts out an intense amount of hot air. Like really hot. Like 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit hot. Then, anything flammable surrounding it bursts into flames. The appeal is that over time the Looflighter will save you money on lighter fluid. Also, it blasts out heat at 1,000 degrees. And you hold it. In your hand. Is there a more manly contraption? Perhaps a flame-thrower. But the Looflighter is kind of cooler because it doesn’t throw flames, it creates them just by being next to something. It’s like a magic fire wand of awesome. Of course, it is not recommended the Looflighter be used as a weapon but for now, it will light your fireplace just fine. The Looflighter goes for $80 and can be purchased here.