That title might not be totally accurate considering this gift set doesn’t actually include a Zippo lighter. But bear with us for a moment, because what it does include are four Zippo products every man should have in his arsenal: a wallet, a watch, a hand warmer and a bottle of fragrance. And did we mention we’re giving them all away? Below is a little bit about each. If you like what you see, head to Made Man’s Facebook page to win the set in this week’s caption contest.

The wallet
This Zippo wallet doesn’t just look good, it also protects your stuff. Inside its stainless steel exterior is an RFID chip that lets you make purchases without carrying easy-to-lose (and easy-to-steal) cash and cards. Of course, if you want to use it like a regular wallet there’s plenty of space for that stuff too.

The hand warmer
Ditch those disposable gel bags. This stylish hand warmer keeps your mitts toasty and sports classic Zippo design and build.

The watch
Bet you didn’t know Zippo made watches, eh? This no-nonsense timepieces boasts a simple construction that looks as cool and timeless (no pun intended) as the brand’s iconic lighters.

The fragrance
We’re pretty sure it doesn’t smell like lighter fluid. That would be awesome, though.