We love biking here in New York City, but let’s be honest: As is the case in any urban area packed with all kinds of transportation, the risk of tragic collisions is very real. That’s why we’re psyched about Lumenus, a line of LED-illuminated apparel and accessories for cyclists, runners, pedestrians and motorcyclists that just launched on Kickstarter.

What makes their two jackets, vest and backpack so special? They actually sync up with the Lumenus app, built on the Google Maps API, to signal your navigational intentions (left and right turns, essentially) to cars, trucks and other dangerous objects. These signals also light up on the cuffs of the jacket so you know where to turn. The brake lights also automatically engage when you slow down, and the 3M Scotchlight reflective pieces go into strobe mode through intersections to further increase visibility. For fitness buffs, there’s even an on-garment performance meter that changes colors to let you know if how well you are executing your desired pace.

We got a chance to meet Jeremy Wall, the young innovator behind this project, and the dude is just rad. He’s a longtime bike commuter who saw a problem and resolved to do something about it. His solution just happens to be incredibly smart and elegant. Learn more in the video below, then check out the Kickstarter page for more. Because honestly, what’s cooler than lighting up the night while simultaneously increasing your odds of cruising through it unscathed?