For those of you who want to keep emailing me as to while I don’t post financial stuff anymore and why it’s a bunch of links I’ll give you this answer. I own a nursery. It is spring. I work seven days a week 12-14 hours a day. The web site is for fun and leisure and right now I don’t have either. I promise you that as things slow down I will have time to provide better and more content. Until then I apologize and if you want to go away and come back later or never again, I completely understand. I do this in my spare time and make no money whatsoever from this website. I on the other hand do millions of dollars at the nursery. You can guess where I will put my effort in the spring. I started this website for fun and to prove I could get a million visitors. I will have that in the next three weeks and will be done with my challenge. Long story short, it’s my frickin website and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it. If I want to put a picture of a rodeo clown peeing on a Clark Gable photo, then I will. You can decided whether you want to come a look at it.