Okay, so the real name for this little contraption is not Lightsaber Water Heater. It’s the Hot-T Wand. But how much cooler does “Lightsaber” sound? And that’s essentially what it is.

If you’ve ever waited for water to boil, you know it can be a tediously slow process, rivaled only by watching grass grow, paint dry, or women’s tennis. And in the end, you’ve boiled more water than you actually needed for whatever it was you were making. Why can’t you just boil a mug of water for a mug of tea? This is the glory of the Hot-T Wand design. Just shove it into a mug of water (much as a Jedi would shove his deadly weapon into the abdomen of an enemy), and wait for it to get hot. It’s easily portable, and only activates when it senses wetness, so you don’t have to worry about your pants suddenly catching fire. We’re gonna go see if we can make a double-sided Hot-T Wand and fight each other while blasting “Duel of the Fates."