Skis aren’t just recreational equipment. They can also be works of art. No one knows this better than Line. They’ve been letting their designers go wild, creating works of art that are as functional as they are beautiful. Our favorite? Mr. Pollard’s Opus ($700). Hanging on your wall or shredding on the slopes, these sticks will bring an easy smile to your face.

The brainchild of Oregon-based designer Eric Pollard—hence the name—this versatile powder ski boasts 20 percent more edge contact than other skis in its class. That means it not only floats on the deep stuff but also cuts right through firmer snow.

Pollard isn’t just a great artist and graphic designer. He’s also a damn fine skier. He’s been designing skis for 10 years, testing and tweaking more than 100 skis and perfecting them with his paintbrush. He considers the Opus (and its sister ski, the Sir Francis Bacon) to be “honestly, the best skis I have ever skied.” He’s not just tooting his own horn. Ski Magazine gave them the Gold Medal for Gear for 2012.

Bottom line? These stylish skis are going to give you just the right amount of flex, rise, camber and side cut to both navigate the crustier parts of a mountain and fly over fresh pow.  You can learn more from the man himself in the ski porn below, and you can get them here.