So let’s say you’re digging Sebastian Terry’s 100 Things philosophy and want to start chasing some dreams of your own. Might help to get a feel for the kind of stuff a man can put on such a list right? Well, here’s just a sample of Sebastian’s list: 10 of the 71 things he has done and 10 of the 29 he has yet to tick off.

7. Feature in a Bollywood Movie
12. Visit a Death Row Inmate
23. Deliver a Baby
34. Kiss a Celebrity
54. Scooter Across Australia
58. Skydive Naked
60. Throw a Dart at a Map and Visit the Country It Lands On
70. Meet Another ‘Sebastian Terry’
72. Stay Awake for 72 Hours
100. Publish a Book

8. Olympic Sky Jump
18. Hit a Hole in One
37. Be a Horse Jockey
45. Sumo Wrestling
47. Go to Timbuktu
49. Be a Weaponless & Harmless Matador
57. Cross a Desert
68. Invent Something
76. Surf River Wave
81. Make a London Guard Laugh

For even more inspiration, check out the trailer for 100 Things, in which he helps others achieve their own dreams. The series itself goes live next week on Go90 and Made Man’s YouTube channel, so stay tuned…