What religion do you identify with? Perhaps the newly emerging one: Gamer. Plenty of other major religions get their holiday this December, and with it will be their decorations, their traditions, their songs.

Where does the Gamer fit in here? You know, besides buying every and all the new releases for their favorite system just in time for the holiday season. Have no fear, Gamer. Rush Coil has your back with his brilliantly produced album “8-Bit Christmas.” It’s chock full of classic Christmas tunes… only made to sound like they are coming from your favorite 8-bit video game system from the 80‘s. This will for sure take you back to your early days of gaming, and if Christmas isn’t about reminiscing, then we don’t know what is. The album has twelve tracks that will make you want to bust out your old Nintendo and play along. Best of all, the entire thing is streaming for free at www.8bitchristmas.com. So head over and start celebrating.