You thought shooting those ducks on your TV screen were hard? They were confined to flying around in a 47” screen. If you want a real challenge, then you need to get yourself Live Action Duck Hunt.

Just pick up your gun, charge the duck on it for ten seconds, then send it off. The duck actually flies in erratic motions making it tricky to hit, just like in the game. Except this time there’s no annoying dog that laughs at you as you futilely try to shoot it in the skull, and you can’t just press the gun against the glass screen and pull the trigger repeatedly until you hit something. The infrared gun, which has a 20’ range, makes a loading sound with each pump and sends a signal to the duck each time it is hit. On the first two hits, the duck will momentarily stop flapping its wings. The third hit is the death blow. This is the closest thing to real hunting without actually killing something. But unlike real hunting, you can just pick up the dead duck, re-charge it, and the fun can start all over again. The Live Action Duck Hunt is $29.95 and can be bought here.