In 1973, a man decided that a little yellow submarine was for sissies, so he bought himself a grain silo, hauled it into the San Jose mountains near Santa Cruz, CA, and built himself a gigantic, blue submarine. Now, that’s a place we can all really get some living done.

Harry Neil owns the Harry Neil Painting company there in Santa Cruz, but he collaborated with Palo Alto architect Bill Logan in the design of his silo-sub house. Even more cool is the fact that this grain silo wasn’t just a normal, boring silo. It was used for storing hops by the Falstaff Brewing Company until Harry bought it. 

Inside, the rooms are circular (duh), and a second metal tube shoots off the main area and serves as a sort of annex and what would be the body of the submarine. Don’t expect any tours, though, he’s only given one interview regarding his whimsical abode, and has constructed a fence around his properties to maintain his privacy. It’s not quite a secure as say a missile silo bachelor pad or living in an airplane, but still.