In addition to being on the cutting edge of all the latest “red-headed bombshell foxy biz babe” news (which there is a lot of, I can assure you), Liz Claman also has her finger on the pulse of the tech community. Proof? She totally knew about Twitter before it was cool.

In last night’s daily dose of Liz Vision, the ‘siren in red‘ reminisced about her interview with the ‘Twitter gang’ back in June.

That was wayyy before John McCain, Barack Obama and Hurricane Gustav made the whole microblogging, short-form Twitter application the new ‘big thing’.

Liz was impressed with the company back then and made a note to check in on them in a few months. As soon as Liz got wind Twitter was the new hottest hing on the politico scene, she made a call to her producer and revealed some shocking truths:

” I immediately emailed my Silicon Valley producer Gary Kaye (I’m too uncool to Twitter at the moment because I’m on BlackBerry and don’t know how to download the necessary platform to Twitter-convert it) and said, “Book Twitter pronto!” “

Someone needs to get Liz on Twitter right now! Seriously, Foxy Biz people, get her that Twitter platform plug-in before lunch is over today or, I swear to god, I’ll march over there myself and do it.

Can you imagine what Liz could be tweeting about as we speak? We would know the instant she picks up Buffett’s scent, decides to wear leopard print shoes, etc. Let your imaginations run wild.

Liz Vision: A-Twitter Over Twitter, September 4, 2008