Everyone’s favorite red-headed siren, Liz Claman, got quite the scoop yesterday on Bill and Warren’s ‘Excellent Adventure’ in search of Canadian oil money.

Here’s an excerpt from Liz’s blog post about their epic journey:

[They] hopped a plane to head north to an oilsands development in Alberta, Canada near Fort McMurray.  Buffett told me he took the trip to “just look around and learn a little” about the process by which oil is extracted from rocks.  The company that runs the massive multi-billion dollar project is Canadian Natural Resources, whose stock (CNQ) ended up 7% today on the mere whiff Buffett visited the project.  NO investment has been made by him at this point. 

Sounds like the start of a horrible joke, right? Two of the richest men on the planet team up for a little quickie oil expedition to the great white north? Actually, if that were a TV show episode, I would probably watch it.

Liz Claman is quite the pro, but for her to be in constant communication over Buffett’s travels is even more impressive. Of course, CNBC picked up on The Calgary Herald’s news of the visit late Tuesday night before Liz posted her details, but they just can’t match her hotness factor.

A black and white picture of Buffett to accompany news about him? Seriously, CNBC? At least with Liz’s news we get a little of the right kind of cleavage. Foxy Business FTW!

And as I’ve said in the past, there really is no more sincere form of flattery than an incredibly detailed photoshopping.

Liz Vision: Buffett-Gates Vapor Trail Leads North To Canada, August 20, 2008