Liz Claman, ‘The Red Fox’ of the Fox Business Channel, is taking things to a whole new level.

While reporting on all the news surrounding Lehman Brothers CEO, Dick Fuld‘s potential firing yesterday, Liz spiced up the coverage with two of our favorite things – Historical Naval Mutiny Analogies and Leopard Print!

In Liz’s blog the metaphors and historical lessons of famous mutinies practically leapt from the screen:

“I remind you all… Bligh was pushed off the Bounty by the mutineers and onto a tiny lifeboat out into the Pacific with just a few loyalists, along with few if any provisions only to come roaring back to England and to SURVIVE IT ALL….including a brutal, 47-day voyage in the overcrowded little launch.  Dick Fuld, I predict, may very well pull a Captain Bligh and find a way to do it. But until then, no one inside Lehman is talking. The Next-Best-Thing? BRAD HINTZ, another supah-stah (that’s the Liz-Vision term for much-followed and often-quoted) analyst and former Lehman CFO who came on Fox Business first yesterday to give his prediction.  Here’s the link below.   And yes, I know, I know. Captain Bligh was considered brutally tough on his crew but you can’t deny he pulled off the surprise survival story of the century. I’ll keep watching Lehman and I hope you’ll keep watching us on Fox Business.” 

– Liz Vision, Lehman’s Latest Lore, August 27, 2008 12:00 PM

Although ‘supah-stah’ is so typical of Liz being wacky, what really sealed the deal that day were these two shots:

That’s gotta be pure, bonafide, unadulterated, genuine Leopard skin on her heels! Gawd, she is the embodiment of Foxy Business, is she not?

But how about a back view of Liz? What more could you ask for in your Lehman Brothers coverage?

TVAnchorBabes: Liz Claman Has A Fantastic Backside, August 27, 2008