You gotta love your lady every day. Yeah, thought you might need a friendly reminder from your friends at Made Mail. We’ve got something for you that just might work, especially if your special lady friend is a tad on the geeky side.

Roses, chocolates, jewelry are all fine and dandy, but those are clearly last ditch efforts by bad boyfriends who forgot Sunday and had no time to think outside the box. Here’s a gift that is original and cute enough to at least win you some points with the girl: the Locked On Proximity Sensing Shirt. The shirts should be purchased as a pair – a male and a female most typically, but it will work with same genders in case you’re involved in a bromance or two. The sensor decals on the shirts will stay quiet… Until the person wearing the other shirt in the pair gets within a few meters of you. The radar on the two shirts will suddenly lock and detect one another, lighting up. How about that? A shirt that detects when your soul mate is near. You and your girl can wow your friends, or make them barf, of which either may be your intention, both outcomes satisfactory. You can buy the shirts as a pair for $40.00 here.