You need something to put all your stuff on. Your phone, your glasses, your wallet, pens, your car keys. In the past this has either been some sort of bureau which, of course, eats up your precious floor-space.

And you can hit your head on them. Or they fall over in an earthquake and break all your stuff. It happens all the time. Wouldn’t you like to just… strap all your stuff tightly and securely against the wall? With the naoLoop Loft, that’s exactly what you can do.

Described as a “stealth organizing device” (seriously, has organizing ever sounded so cool?), the naoLoop Loft is a series of tension straps, made of flexible Polyester Latex, stuck to a wall-mounted steel shield. This can fit literally any place with a wall – your office, your bedroom, your bathroom. And it looks pretty sweet. And the Polyester Latex bands can stretch up to 50% to hold practically anything. The naoLoop Loft costs $126.80 and can be found here, along with other naoLab products.