By Taylor Carr
Staff Writer

The first-ever product to be compatible with Google TV is on the market, and it’s called the Revue from Logitech. For a first iteration, it’s more the capable. But, if you’re techy enough to have had a computer attached to your TV, then you’re not going to be super impressed. But there’s no denying that it’s a very good step in a very good direction. 

The Revue is an unassuming black box which comes packaged with a large, keyboard-style remote. Here’s how it works. Fire it up and open up the full-featured web browser built into the device. But it doesn’t act like a normal browser – search for your favorite show and the results are tailored to your living room experience. Not only do Facebook and Youtube pages come up, but the TV program guide also appears displaying the showtimes for said show. And, if you have Dish Network, it even includes your DVR’d selections as well (no other dish providers as yet).

It’s not all peachy keen, though. There’s no Hulu at launch, but there will likely be Hulu Plus down the road (at $10 a month).   The product is $300 with the remot, but if you want the remote-sized, smaller remote, it’ll cost you and an additional $130, and the TV-top camera for web chatting is another $150.   It’s a good first step, but we might wait a year or two before we buy a device like this one.