The London Men’s Collections for next fall and winter are well underway, and it’s an event we love for its mix of classic British tailoring and trendier designers. Each feeds off the other in often-exciting ways. So maybe it stands to reason that Hardy Amies—a Savile Row house founded in 1946—is absolutely killing it, with a near-perfect line of suits, eveningwear and casual gear that straddles the line between then and now. Below are videos of our favorite shows; we’ll be adding to them until things wrap up on January 12, with slideshows to follow.


Hardy Amies Best in show. The 68-year-old house is leading the pack with impeccable tailoring in modern styles and eye-catching fabrics: Double-breasted suits, hooded outerwear, James Bondian tuxedos.


Gieves & Hawkes Gobsmacking Savile Row tailoring gets the silver medal.


Ede & Ravenscroft Smart suits in earthy colors and occasional velvety textures.


Pringle The Scottish knitwear brand brings pretty stunning sweaters and outerwear.


Huntergather Cool outerwear is the highlight, with some crazy innovative patterns and a loosened-up pant shape.


Belstaff The classic outerwear brand goes biker-cool.


Chester Barrie Sherlock Holmesian suiting with an emphasis on sharp accessories.


Thomas Pink The renowned shirtmaker showed an inspiring mix of vividly colored shirts and patterned ties.


Oliver Spencer Tweaked classics: Coats, sweaters and blazers with a looser fit overall.


Topman The affordable mall brand brings out its edgier side, channeling the ’60s/’70s British rocker.


John Lobb Smart shoes: We’re into the leather-and-suede monkstraps and a dressy take on a Clarks Wallabee.


Hentsch Man Sparky dressed-up streetwear: A camo suit here, slogan sweatshirts there.


Richard James Cool textures, well paired: Herringbone, suede, velvet, and the occasional poncho that Clint Eastwood would’ve rocked in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Soulland This edgy brand’s groovy patterned shirts—along with an inside-out shearling coat and marine-flag-inspired scarf—are worth keeping an eye on.


Baartmens and Siegel Dressed-up casual wear: A glimpse into a world where everything goes with tailored sweatpants.