I was searching through the internets and came across this fine article

Break.com Buying Business News Blog Wall StreetFighter

By Rafat Ali – Mon 03 Mar 2008 09:57 PM PST

Break Media, the LA based online entertainment company which owns video sites Break.com and an ad network, is acq-hiring a business media blog called

WallStreetFighter, we have learned. The announcement may come later this week.

This acquisition, though seemingly outlying for the company that has focused on its young male demographic and feeding entertainment to them, is supposed to appeal to that demographic’s financial news cravings through a humorous take on it. According to the Blogger profile of WSF’s author, the writer is a 38-year old businessman living in Urbana, Illinois.

Break recently announced forming an online ad network called Break Media, and launched three new sites–Cage Potato, Chickipedia, Holy Taco– all focused on its audience.


Well Maul, it looks like there might be a proof reader coming. All joking aside, Break and I have big plans for this site. Break is presently looking for staff to help build the site to have much more content and move back to actually having content on money. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be tons of humor and sarcasm, it just means there will be an editor, a lot more content, and organization. Sure I screw up my links some days and my punctuation stinks but the site did get 600,000 uniques in January, which is a nice start for a company that wants to build a site on fun and money. I want to thank everyone for reading this site and I’m certainly going to be part of the team that is Wallstreet Fighter. By the way, if you think you can do a better job, then Break wants to hire you. Seriously, we are looking for someone that knows the market inside and out, is a great writer, and is funny. In other words, the opposite of me. If you think you can do it, drop me a line at shane123 at easyg123 (take out the 123) and I will pass it on. Now off to go look at Ferraris