We here at WallstreetFighter are looking for people to submit their best trade of the year. It can be stock, options, commodities, or futures. We don’t care if it was long or short. Whether you trade on Wallstreet, the Chicago Merc, or you kitchen in Onarga, IL give us the best trade you ever made. We are also looking for the craziest thing you blew your money on from a big trade. Did you buy 400 pounds of silly putty, a 60″ plasma Tv for an apartment with no furniture, a Bugatti? Give us all your trading stories. We are giving $10 via paypal to the best trade and the best purchase with trading money. Any pictures would be appreciated to help spice up the story. Please submit them to the email on the side and I will be posting the winners soon. I reserve the right to publish all the stories and all will be anonymous so don’t worry about anyone finding out. Thanks