You might want to think twice before dialing that next booty call.

A new study suggests that people have more satisfying sex when motivated by love or commitment rather than material gain or immediate gratification.

Carried out by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, the study aimed to look beyond the purely physical factors typically examined in studies on sexual pleasure, such as length of time spent engaged in sexual intercourse and number of orgasms achieved.

Instead, the researchers focused on motivation, surveying 544 college-aged men and women to determine their reasons for having sex and the general degree of satisfaction they associated with each.

"What we wanted to do was just really to cast a wide net and see which (reasons) were associated with people being satisfied with their sex lives," researcher Kyle Stephenson told

Their findings revealed that of the men surveyed, most felt less satisfaction when having sex to raise their self-esteem or to gain some material good or resource.

The researchers also determined that, for women, satisfaction is less associated with love or commitment than it is for men. Rather, women are more satisfied when having sex to communicate gratitude or apology to their partner, which is probably why make-up sex is always significantly more awesome than regular sex, and why anniversary sex is usually just kind of okay.