We hear about a lot of “one for one” charity programs these days—companies offering some humanitarian act in return for the sale of one of their products. It’s a trend we’re happy to support, especially when the product in question really catches our eye, like LSTN’s woodgrain headphones.

Available in both over-ear and earbud styles, LSTN headphones boast a sleek, modern design accented by real wood casing. They come in beechwood, cherry and ebony varieties, the wood acting as a more powerful sound resonator than your typical plastic headphones. As for LSTN’s charitable endeavors, for each pair sold the company offers hearing aids and medical attention to a child in a developing nation. So while you’re enjoying the clean sound and stylish looks of a pair of LSNT headphones, a kid somewhere in the world is enjoying the chance to hear. Fair tradeoff, no?

The full product line will be available for purchase by the end of September. To pre-order your pair, head to lstnheadphones.com.