By Alex Sargeant
Staff Writer

These handsome Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones aren’t cheap, but when style and function intersect, it rarely is. These haute head huggers cost nearly $3,000, and offer such rare features as Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear pad cups, Titanium-plated 40mm drivers, and Ruthenium (what?) plating. It even has Kevlar coated cables in case you’re worried about somebody shooting out your connection while you’re listening to “Sabotage.”

The rarest and most visible feature, though is the Zebrano wood inlay covering the outside of the cups. Not only does this distinguish these headphones from any other over-ear headphones you or your friends have seen, it actually serves a purpose. The open surface allows for greater air permeability and lower resonance. 

You can get them from Ultrasone now, and they’ll be delivered in this handsome, wooden carrying case along with a matching wooden stand. Check them out here