You know you’ve found a good product when just looking at it makes you want to alter the way you live for the sake of utilizing it to its fullest potential. That’s the case with the M48 Ranger Hawk Axe ($60). A rugged tool designed for rugged living, the M48 practically begs its owner to abandon civilization and venture deep into the woods, hatchet at the ready and adventure on the mind.

Of course, you don’t have to pull a full-on Thoreau to find good use for a piece of equipment like the M48. With a double-sided stainless steel blade, nylon-reinforced fiberglass handle and heavy nylon grip wrap, it’s the perfect carry-along for a weekend in the outdoors. For the strictly urban user, the M48 makes a stylish addition to any toolset, and it’s compact enough to store away in a toolbox or hang proudly above a workbench.

Ready to find your own Walden Pond? Or at least car camp at Yosemite for a couple days? Then pick up the M48 at ThinkGeek or on Amazon.