As commercial air travel gets worse with every inch of disappearing legroom, private air travel continues to improve.

Not just because it’s convenient for those willing to shell out stunning sums of money, but also because of incredible modern jets with futuristic specs and outstanding amenities.

Just sell an app to Google for a cool 10 mil? Check out these fancy flyers and dream away.

citation-xplus-speedBernie Burns, Founder & President of B2 Aviation is a big fan of the Cessna Citation X+, the fastest business jet currently on the market. While getting to their destination as fast as mechanically possible, passengers enjoy the use of its Cabin Entertainment System which controls the interior climate— including lights, temperature, music, videos, and more—through personal tablets. Just don’t try to commandeer the plane with it.

Passenger Capacity: 12
Max Range: 3,429 nautical miles
Max Speed: 0.935 Mach

dassault-falcon-8xSienna Charles Vice President Freddy Reinert is excited about the soon-to-be-released Dassault Falcon 8X, an ultra-long-range business jet set for its first flight later this year. The 8X has the industry’s most flexible cabin with 30-plus possible layouts. So go ahead and have them construct a three-lounge cabin with an aft shower, or a shorter entryway with a larger lounge, a large galley for multi-course meals—or a grown-up pillow fort if that’s what you’re into (we don’t judge). It’s also got connectivity down to a science with a Wi-Fi linked, FalconCabin HD+ management system that offers control over the environment via your Apple device.

Passenger Capacity: 8
Max Range: 6,450 nautical miles
Max Speed: 0.8 Mach

aerion-as2The Dassault Falcon 8X is awesome, but Reinert may be even more pumped for the Aerion AS2, which is primed to make supersonic travel possible in 2019. While other aircraft concern themselves with increasing amenities and cabin dimensions, the AS2 will focus on getting passengers from point A to point B with nearly double the speed of many others in its class. But that’s not to say the aircraft with its two-lounge configuration, divan, extensive seating and 6’2” stand-up room won’t be comfortable. We’re willing to bet it’ll be an improvement on “economy plus.”

Passenger Capacity: 12
Max Range: 5,000 nautical miles
Max Speed: 1.6 Mach

global-6000-jetSergey Petrossov, CEO and Founder of JetSmarter, loves the Bombardier Global 6000, a super long-range jet that can fly virtually anywhere in the world non-stop. Possibly the most expensive jet to charter, it’s commonly used by sheiks—so unless you discover an unlimited supply of royal wealth stashed under your couch cushion, maybe don’t get your hopes up too much. It has seats that convert into seven fully flat sleeping positions (some of which are Queen-sized), gold-plated sinks, seatbelt buckles, and oh yeah, infinity lights in the ceiling.

Passenger Capacity: 12
Max Range: 6,000 nautical miles
Max Speed: 0.88 Mach

gulfstream-g550Finally, Julie Black, Head of VIP Charter at Chapman Freeborn, points us toward the Gulfstream G550 with its extremely advanced avionics system, including a “PlaneView” cockpit and an Enhanced Vision System (EVS). The former displays information and images that pilots dream of having at their fingertips. The latter contains an infrared camera that uses a heads-up display on the aircraft’s windscreen, allowing it to land in lower-visibility, meaning weather-related delays are almost non-existent. So they’ve got safety and flight technology down. Not to be outdone on other fronts, the G550’s Cabin Management System utilizes touch-screen technology, allowing passengers to adjust music, videos, window shades, lighting and more.

Passenger capacity: 18
Max Range 6,750 nautical miles
Max speed: 0.87 Mach