If you’ve spent more time trying to edit down that 140-character tweet than you’ve spent writing eight- page term papers, maybe Twitter isn’t the best way for you to get your thoughts out there.

You prefer to use “you” instead of “u”, “too” instead of “2”, and to copy entire links, not their tiny urls, but it seems twitter is forcing us all to dumb it down. Enter a site called woofertime.com to pick up the slack. On Woofertime, an “homage to twitter,” people are posting much longer, more thorough tweets called “woofs, ” which instead of a 140character maximum, allow for 1400 character MINIMUM. The only time you worry about “characters” on woofertime is if you’re unsure your protagonist is three-dimensional enough. Scanning the homepage of woofertime.com, you’ll see some popular woofs beginning with “1:1 In the beginning,” “It was the best of times,” and “Call me Ishmael.”