This weekend’s UFC 130 is topped by Rampage vs. Hamill. But between rounds, all eyes will be on the Octagon Girls. And the biggest name in Octagon Girl-hood is Arianny Celeste. The good news? The host of UFC’S Ultimate Insider, finalist in our brother site Cage Potato’s Hottest Women in MMA Grand Prix, and all-round jaw dropper says she has a dirty mind and you don’t need a hot car or tons of dough to win her over, then picks the main event’s winner. The better news? Her words come with Memorial Day-themed photos!

MADE MAN: What does the average dude fail to understand about Octagon girls?
ARIANNY CELESTE: The biggest misconception is that we’re all dumb bimbos. In reality, we’re all smart. I’m very smart. I’ve managed to get other gigs and make a nice living out of this platform of being a UFC girl.

MM: How do you feel about the uniform? Is it functional?
AC: Very functional. I’ve gotten very comfortable in it. Our little butt cheeks seem to come out every now and then—I guess it depends how many squats we do. But it’s been around for five years, so I think I’m ready for a change. Maybe some rhinestones or something that makes it a little bit flashier.

MM: A high school kid asked you to his prom via Youtube, and you guys ended up sponsoring a Haiti fundraiser together. Is social media better than a bar for asking a girl out?
AC: I don’t think so. Nowadays with Twitter and Facebook, everything is so antisocial. I prefer more one-on-one contact, especially if I’m going to get to know someone and take the time to go on a date.

MM: What gets your attention? Please don’t say “just be yourself.”
AC: Someone with a positive personality who can make me laugh and keep me entertained. I meet so many people, if I go home thinking “Wow, that guy was funny” or if he stays in my mind, then there’s something special about him. He has to stick out in the crowd. I’m very quiet at first, but I have a really dirty mind and say a lot of dirty things out of the blue. He has to have a sense of humor to try to get me and not get offended.

MM: What’s a total turn-off?
AC: Someone who talks about themselves or how much money they make or how many cars they have. That just shows that he’s insecure and he has to talk about all of these things that he owns instead of just being cool.

MM: Does the guy that you date have to be into UFC?
AC: No, definitely not. I’ve dated guys that have not even known what UFC is. As long as they are smart and driven and active as far as working out. I like someone I can go hiking or to the gym with. Just be confident and secure with yourself. You can’t be jealous and over-possessive because that is a major turn off. Be prepared for your woman to get hit on, but as long as you’re strong-willed and strong-minded, you’ll be fine.

MM: You majored in fitness and nutrition management. How much do you work out, and what’s your top fitness tip?
AC: I work out three to five times a week and I always switch it up between cardio, kickboxing, and spinning. My biggest tip would be to not look at fitness as a chore, look at it as a lifestyle. You only have one body and one life to live, so you should invest in your body and take care of it. Try different things so you don’t get bored. That will keep you going.

MM: Your abs are tighter than ours. What’s your secret? Does it involve giving up our beloved footlong meatball subs?
AC: I’m not a big fan of dieting so I eat whatever I want, but everything in moderation. I make healthy food choices when I go out to eat, but I’m just like everyone else. I love ice cream, chocolate, pizza, and French fries so I just don’t limit myself. A lot of people limit themselves and end up splurging like crazy on these foods. I wouldn’t look at them as the enemy—just look at having them once a week instead of every day.

MM: The biggest fight this weekend is Rampage vs. Hamill. Who wins and why?
AC: I am hoping that Rampage wins. I’m a big fan. But I’m also a fan of Hamill—he’s very down to earth. Rampage would say, knockout in the third round. He’s a really good striker and he’s really strong, so I could see him winning by knockout.

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