Fitness, fighting, females. Three areas where every man could use a little more expertise. Thankfully, we’ve found the trifecta in our newest Made Babe, Cara Castronuova. She most recently lit up our screens as a Biggest Loser coach, but don’t let that petite frame fool you—the Chinese/Italian beauty is also a two-time Golden Gloves champ with a return to the ring and a boxing workout DVD in the works. Till then, here’s how to get fit, win a bar fight and match up with a fine female.

MADE MAN: You’re a certified personal trainer. What are your top fitness tips for the average guy looking to buff up?
CARA CASTRONUOVA: Pushups every night before bed. Do a hundred every other day. When they get easy, prop your feet on the stairs. Also, put an old school pull-up bar in your doorframe and bust out a few in your morning routine. Brush teeth, do pull-ups, shave, more pull-ups, pee, more pull-ups, et cetera. And play an intramural sport with the guys. It’ll give you time to be a guy’s guy while getting fit and having fun. Women love that!

MM: If a guy suddenly finds himself squaring off with some drunk idiot who insulted his girlfriend, what’s your number-one boxing tip?
CC: Speed kills power! It doesn’t matter how big the guy or his mouth is if you are faster. It’s physics—a straighter punch takes less time to land than that big hook haymaker most drunk obnoxious guys throw. Throw a quick one-two combination—a jab to set up, followed by a straight cross to the nose, chin or temple. Practice it twenty times in the mirror every night to program it into your muscle memory. The guy won’t see it coming, he’ll be down for the count, and your girlfriend will be extremely turned on!

MM: How important is it that a guy who approaches a fit girl be fit himself?
CC: The best type of fitness is mental fitness. I call it ‘swagger.’ If you don’t have swagger, you can look like Brad Pitt and get sent packing in less than twenty seconds. If you have swagger and look like the opposite of Brad Pitt, you’ve got a better shot. Exuding confidence and likeability from within is the ultimate turn-on. Yeah, I love a fit guy with some arms and a chest. But they have to be attached to a good mind and soul.

MM: What’s the best approach to meeting a fit gal?
CC: Ask for her expertise in the gym. We know a lot more than you do, FYI! Know-it-all guys are the worst. If a guy asked me how to do an exercise, I would think it was endearing and cute.

MM: Should he compliment her body or other things, so she doesn’t feel like he’s only interested in the body?
CC: As long as a compliment is sincere and genuine, it is appreciated. We can tell the difference between a sweet compliment from the heart and a pick-up line. I appreciate compliments on my personality more than my looks, but that is me.

MM: What one awesome thing can a guy do to stand out from the pack and make her take him seriously?
CC: Be helpful. It is ridiculously that simple. Help clean up. Go grocery shopping. Put together a cabinet. Make us a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because you know we like it and are hungry. On whole wheat bread! Get us our favorite coffee in the morning. Flowers don’t cut it, at least not for me. They usually signal you did something wrong. Keep ’em!

MM: You just participated in AIDS LifeCycle. Charities are great for meeting girls too, right?
CC: I always suggest that to male clients. Be a Big Brother, volunteer at a soup kitchen, build houses in impoverished neighborhoods…or do something fitness oriented, which is a great way to meet fit women with good hearts! Do a charity triathlon, run or bike race. Do it from the heart and do not expect anything out of it. That is usually when good things come, and the world needs more positive male role models! It will put you a step above the rest.

MM: Any parting words of wisdom?
CC: With fitness and women, the same rule applies. Give both your all and you won’t have any regrets. Love like you can’t get hurt. Run like you can’t fall. Lift weights like nobody is watching!