Emily Rose and FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker—her onscreen persona in Syfy’s Haven series—have much in common. Both are striking blondes with coy smiles, quick wits and probing tough girl gazes. But in a tribute to Rose’s acting chops, the former is confident, assertive and very much in the moment, while the latter is more contemplative and seemingly out of place and time. As the Stephen King-inspired hit begins its second season (new episodes Fridays at 10/9c), we tracked this Made Babe down at Comic-Con, where she talked TV before cutting to the good stuff: b.s.-free answers about what turns her on. Hint: tattoos are involved.

MADE MAN: We hear you had to be approved by Stephen King. Does he have much input in the show?
EMILY ROSE: I had no clue that he had to sign off on my audition tape. He advised the show in the beginning and gave us his blessing to go more supernatural. He said, live in that world and have fun with that. And the writers told him to let them know if there’s anything that he doesn’t approve of. But he’s not an active day-to-day part of the show.

MM: What did you like best about the role when you read the script?
ER: I liked that she had this innocence that she guarded like Clarice from Silence of the Lambs, who is this eager, wide-eyed investigator who’s really good at solving mysteries but can’t solve her own life. I also love that she’s sarcastic.

MM: Audrey also has an interesting sleepy detachment. Is that written into the role?
ER: I think it’s because she’s an observer. She takes a step back. She was also raised in a foster home so never had many friends or connected. So she’s a lone ranger. That’s how she connects with the Nathan character.

MM: Audrey’s competing love interests create the typical dichotomy. One is a mysterious bad boy and the other is a dedicated cop. Which direction does Audrey lean?
ER: I know you’ll hate this answer, but Audrey identifies with both at different times. There’s times she really wants to go against the grain and not do the safe thing, and that’s when she identifies with Duke. Nathan will be a good friend and consistent.

MM: What about the real you? Tattooed bad boy or clean-cut establishment man?
ER: It’s the same. You’re initially drawn to the more mysterious, dangerous guy. But after a while you realize those guys are not going to be around, and you can’t count on them. It’s tough because girls want to be that one that pulls that dangerous guy out of that crazy lifestyle and win him over. Girls want that. There’s also a time where the girl can’t be about rescuing a guy. It should be that the guy is pursuing because they want you and that is a sexy thing.

MM: Where did you end up then?
ER: I went with the solid guy that’s going to always be there for me.

MM: Does he have a tattoo?
ER: He has one that’s in Hebrew that means strong and courageous.

MM: So you do like guys with a little edginess then?
ER: Yeah, a little bit. Let’s be honest, tats are just sexy.

MM: Do you prefer brains or brawn?
ER: Well, I’d like both, please. Because I’d like you not to be dumb and throw me into something.

MM: Fancy restaurants or dives?
ER: Definitely dives.

MM: Dutch or guy pays?
ER: Guy should pay.

MM: So you’re old-fashioned in some ways.
ER: A little, but with an edge.