There’s hot and then there’s smoking hot. One look at British-American beauty Hayley Atwell and you know which category she fits. As leading lady Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, opening this weekend, the voluptuous actress proves to be tough, too, making guns and lipstick go together like pancakes and syrup. Our newest Made Babe reveals how she likes a guy to dress, whether it’s better to wait for sex, and why big muscles actually turn her off. Nerds rejoice!

MADE MAN: Captain America is a superhero, but you’re playing a super tough chick yourself.
HAYLEY ATWELL: That’s right! I love that she was a 1940s woman and she was strong. Reminded me of the strength that Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn had. And I love that she doesn’t need to be saved by any guy. She can hold her own and punches guys in the face if they try anything. That’s brilliant! I had her confidence in playing her too. I made sure I was heard on the set. I am a tomboy, really, anyway. I like computer games, so I just got really competitive with the guys.

MM: Is there anything that 1940s’ guys did right, that today’s guys might learn from?
HA: There was something just so stylish about that time. Men, no matter what their job, wore a suit and a nice hat. There was a lot of focus on having self-respect with their appearance. Compared to how slobby we are today, and how casual everyone is—though I do love that, as it makes life a lot easier! Everything just seemed to be a lot slower and more particular then. Even our posture is different now. We are kinda more slouched.

MM: Dating seemed different, too.
HA: Yeah, there was an innocence, which we see onscreen as well. It was nice to see the affection slowly grow. It got much deeper but after a long time. I think that is far sexier than how quickly people tend to give themselves to each other now. Because when you say you love someone, this is the person that you really want to be with. It should really stand out.

MM: So men should take their time in romance.
HA: Yeah, yeah… I should take that advice.

MM: Do you prefer American men or British men?
HA: Oh, I’m half-American, and spent my summers growing up in Kansas City. Can’t you tell?!? I’ve gotten to know American and English men quite well and they have really different things to offer. I don’t really have a preference!

MM: If you had your choice between a skinny guy, like Captain America before his metamorphosis, or a big beefy guy, which would you prefer?
HA: I actually like physiques that seem to be appropriate to what that person does, so if you’re an athlete, a dancer, a swimmer, amazing. But if you’re kind of beefy, for me, it becomes a real off-putting vanity…that I find not attractive. It’s an energy thing, really, it’s not really physical. It’s just how comfortable people are in their body and how they carry it. That overrides any kind of physical attribute for me.

MM: Across the world, geeky guys are reading this interview with hope in their hearts…
HA: Well, look at Steve Rogers’ energy in the movie. No matter what his size, he doesn’t really change. And she brings that picture of early Steve with her…so geeky can work out well!

MM: Any parting words?
HA: Well, I don’t know. I think men sometimes get a hard time…but they are really lovely!

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