Today is Read Across America Day. And while this event aims to encourage kids to read, we couldn’t miss the chance to check in with Heidi Cortez, model, actress and best-selling author of Bedtime Stories. Why? Because her new project,, is all about reading. Specifically, lingerie-clad lovelies (like Chickipedia faves Holly Weber and Krystle Lina, below) reading hot stories she’s penned. If anything can make you reconsider the power of the written word, it’s this site. And if anyone can improve your ability to date smart hotties, it’s Heidi. Read (yes, read!) on.

What’s the, exactly?
HEIDI CORTEZ: It’s a website where I have beautiful, down-to-earth women read you sexy stories. They’re amazing, smart and funny. You can also suggest your own storytellers, your wife or girlfriend. We hope to find new girls that way. And people who like to write erotica or sexy stories, they can submit those as well. I write all the stories right now. To have other opinions is refreshing.

What’s the inspiration behind it?
HC: I love to write stories, and I thought, why not have gorgeous girls read them? Sometimes people don’t like to pick up a book. This is more inspiring.

How much of a turn-on is it if a guy is well read?
HC: I’ve never personally dated a huge reader. If I guy loves to read, that’s really sexy. But honestly, I’m OK with a guy who doesn’t read. Let me do the reading, I love it!

Holly Weber reading "Tennis For Fun"

MM: But he’s got to have some sort of passion, yes?
HC: Oh my gosh, of course. Most women I know won’t date a guy who is not passionate about something. Career, sports, investments, children. That’s the most important thing in a relationship. Otherwise, they get really boring.

What else could a guy do to win over, say, the kind of ladies who read stories on your site?
HC: I can’t speak for them, but I’m a huge sucker for romance. I like traditional things like opening car doors, good manners, flowers…even if it’s three daisies. And being funny. My dream guy is Chevy Chase. I sleep beside 8×10 signed photos of Chevy Chase and Steve Martin on my nightstand.

That’s two-thirds of The Three Amigos.
HC: Yes! I just need Martin Short.

You work with Social Vibe. Does a guy who’s involved with a charity score points?
HC: When you have something you can be passionate about, whether it’s saving animals or helping children read in your spare time, I don’t see how any woman could see that as not attractive.

Krystle Lina reading "Tahoe Slopes"

MM: What about adopting a three-legged dog?
HC: I think you’d be a chick magnet.

You owned Reno’s Cabana Tans and appeared on E’s Sunset Tan. How socially acceptable is it for a guy who isn’t a model to frequent a tanning salon?
HC: That is a good question. You shouldn’t tan all the time. I actually use this one now, it’s a very small salon, and most of the tanners are men, because it’s right next to a hardware store. I just saw Ryan Gosling in there. A bit of color is sexy. Self tanner is bad. I don’t want some guy to get my couch orange. I personally use a bed once or twice a month.

Any parting words of wisdom?
HC: My quote of life is, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, because no one’s gonna do it better.” Whatever you’re passionate about, you have to go out and work really hard. Don’t wait around for anybody. Don’t you think that’s a good idea?