Hillary Fisher spends a lot of time posing seductively for cameras, and doing a mighty fine job of it (see the insanely hot photos on the following pages for proof). Still, the Playboy model and South Carolina native sees herself as just another southern belle, and she wants the countless men who pine after her to know it. She’s also got some advice on what you have to do to win her over. Turns out all it really takes is a simple question: “Wanna go out sometime?” The answer may surprise you.

MADE MAN: What gets your attention in a guy? Please don’t say “just be yourself.”
HILLARY FISHER: Guys that get my attention are the ones that make me laugh, so for me it’s all about personality.

MM: What’s a total turn-off?
HF: Guys who are really cocky and brag. I don’t like it at all. I meet a lot of those guys in Los Angeles.

MM: What does the average dude fail to understand about women in the modeling spotlight?
HF: A lot of guys look at our pictures and probably get a presumption of how we are and correlate it to sex. I joke that guys think I’m a blow-up doll because I take these photos and they want to have sex with me. I’m actually a sweet, normal girl from the South, and it’s not always about being hot and sexy 24/7. We don’t walk around in our lingerie all day.

MM: Do you ever wonder if guys would act differently if they hadn’t seen your photos before meeting you?
HF: Yeah, I wonder that sometimes. Sometimes I meet guys and I think they haven’t seen my pictures and then later, about two or three dates down the road, they’ll be like “Well I saw your photo’s online,” and I’m like “Oh… Awesome.” I think if they hadn’t seen the photos, sometimes they would definitely treat me differently.

MM: Are there any popular misconceptions about southern belles?
HF: Everything people think about southern belles is true. I just moved out to LA a few months ago, and people out here think it’s pretty charming. We’re raised right and hospitable and I think all the things that go along with being a southern belle work to my advantage.

MM: What are the sexy photo-shoots like behind the scenes?
HF: Behind the scenes, they’re always very fun. It’s usually very goofy on set because we’re taking these really sexy photos and we’re usually playing around. There’s usually a ton of people on set and we’re always singing and joking. During shoots I play either country or hip-hop. Depends on what mood I’m in.

MM: You’re in incredible shape. How much do you work out, and what’s your top fitness tip?
HF: I work out about three to four times a week. I’m a tiny girl, so I just do a lot of cardio and some butt and ab exercises. Nothing too hardcore. Ninety-percent of your body is your diet, so I try to enjoy in moderation the foods that I love. I went to school for baking and pastries, so I have a huge sweet tooth. That’s my biggest weakness.

MM: What are your thoughts on womanly curves coming back into fashion?
HF: I love it. I like to be toned, but I love my hips. I think I’ll always be soft like a woman. That’s what men truly love. To me, shooting all of the time will make me conscious, but men like something to grab onto.

MM: They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Does your background in baking give you the upper hand?
HF: I think most guys love it. It’s a neat combination to be a model and a pastry chef. Everyone gets a little laugh out of it. Men always see the photos or me in person and then they find out I bake and they seem to like it.

MM: What is your reaction to being considered a sex symbol and being near the top of Made Man‘s top 100 hottest women?
HF: I’m so flattered to be at the top of the list. As far as being a sex symbol, I really don’t see myself that way. It’s funny to me. I’m from a small town, and I was a very, very late bloomer so I have a lot of fun stepping outside of the box and doing something different, and playing the role of hot and sexy. In real life, I’m a normal girl.

MM: What is the worst pickup line that’s ever been used on you?
HF: I feel like I’ve heard every pickup line there is. I think the most repulsive thing to me is when I’m walking through a bar or club and guys curse at me to get my attention. That’s never going to work. Whether they’re like “damn baby,” or whatever. I just feel like it’s so rude.

MM: What’s the best way to get a date with you?
HF: I just like it when guys are honest and direct. If he comes up, says hi, introduces himself, and has a normal conversation with me. If he asks me out, I’m going to say yes.