Straight out of Buffalo, New York, Jessica White has been setting off flashbulbs since the tender age of 16. Called “The Model of Her Generation” by Tyra Banks, White has donned the duds of everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Marc Jacobs to Victoria’s Secret. (Oh yeah, she’s worked on a little something called the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, too.) But White is more than just a beautiful body. She’s also a savvy businesswoman with an intellectual streak who writes editorials for King, Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. So we asked her about life, love and panties. And included some visual aids, of course.

MADE MAN: What’s the one thing men need to know about women?
JESSICA WHITE: We really, truly want a man to love and appreciate us. We have so many different responsibilities—every woman is a superwoman! You keep a woman happy, your woman’s going to keep you happy. That’s how you keep a happy household.

MM: What do you like most about men?
JW: I love really intelligent men and men that are very creative, because I’m a creative woman. I love artists. I love a man with a sense of humor, because I like to laugh. But physically the thing I like most about men are arms. That’s the most powerful part of a man, because that’s what he’s going to hold you with. I think they’re very sexy. I get the chills when I see beautiful arms.

MM: What’s a dealbreaker?
JW: If you don’t know how to talk to me or you belittle me in public, that’s definitely a dealbreaker. Abuse in general is a dealbreaker. You need to contain men and teach them and the moment they get out of hand they’ll bite you. You keep them in check.

MM: How do you keep a man in check?
JW: Well, if I want a man to be more romantic, then I act more romantic. I think men follow your example. Where it hasn’t been true, I got rid of them. But I love being really romantic. I love cooking for my man and feeding my man and bathing my man.

MM: How can guys date out of their league?
JW: You’d be surprised. I dated a schoolteacher. He was so attractive, but he was a little timid about approaching me, so I’d just give him little signals. Don’t ever think that a woman, just because she’s successful, wants to date someone in her income bracket. A construction worker, if he could talk to me the right way… the emotional connection, the connection without words, you can’t buy that. Men need to be more confident when talking to women. Give her something money can’t buy.

MM: What’s your dream Valentine’s Day date?
Here’s the thing, I’ve worked every year on Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really had one. In 2010, I finally did. We went to a concert, but just the fact that I was with the guy was perfect. Men don’t have to light candles and all that. That’s nice, but for me it’s just about being with the person I love.

MM: Where should we go on a first date?
Don’t go to a restaurant! Go for a walk around the park. First dates can be uncomfortable for both people, so you should keep moving. French women believe that the first three dates should be a group event with your closest friends. You can learn a lot about people by how they act with their friends and how they treat you in public.

MM: What’s a romantic gesture that can sweep just about any woman off her feet?
JW: I tell my male friends to do things that make them uncomfortable. My father used to write my mother poetry. Those romantic things are dead. Skip the text message and pick up the phone call to hear a woman’s voice. Write a love letter. Men need to take the initiative in bringing that old-fashioned stuff back.

MM: I still write love letters.
JW: That’s amazing. Love letters are the shit. And you can quote me on that one!

MM: Believe me, I will. How does a guy buy lingerie for his girlfriend that she’ll love as much as he does?
JW: Obviously it depends on the woman. I like lingerie that is very sexy and seductive but also classy. Some women like stuff a little edgier. Pay attention to the lingerie that she’s worn in the past. I have my moments when I want to be funky or more bondage, where my lingerie is inspired by S&M. A lot of times a woman will wear it because her man bought it. I had an ex who loved seeing me in white, so he bought me white lingerie. I’d buy what I knew he wanted to see me in. It’s not always about what we like. If you like it we’ll put it on. A lot of women, we just want to make you happy.