Rising from obscurity is no small feat. Aaron Rodgers is a household name, but the dude rode the pine for years before capitalizing on his talent. In a totally different way, the Chickipedia Hot 100’s Hottest Newcomer was a breath-taker long before she realized she might have a future with this whole glamour modeling thing. And since landing on Chickipedia last year, Jordan Carver has been simply en fuego—a no-show on last year’s Hot 100 list, the German-born, Italian-blooded Californian climbed all the way to no. 2 this time around. We figure she’s ready for her close-up.

MADE MAN: Congrats on being one of the most-searched women on Chickipedia in 2010! How’d you do it?
JORDAN CARVER: Thank you! I think I am unique in this business. I try always to be different in the production of my photo shoots. I change my hair. I change my outfits. And of course, ta-da [gestures to, um, below her chin].

MM: You were born in Germany, have Italian ancestry and now live in California. What do you consider yourself?
JC: German. I am disciplined. I have German qualities. All good things come from Germany! I grew up near Cologne. Nobody knows this town. Trier. It’s one of the oldest towns in Germany, a Roman colony.

MM: Are you as popular in Europe as you are in the U.S.?

JC: No. Nobody knows me there. I have to wait until Monday. I have a big TV show on the biggest German channel. Maybe I’ll get popular.

MM: What do you like to do when you’re not taking ridiculously hot photos?
JC: I love to go the library and look around at all the books. I like scuba diving in Thailand and Italy and Egypt. And the good part of my job is that I get to go shopping for new dresses and shoes.

MM: Being European, are you a futbol fan?
JC: Nooooo!

MM: OK then. Your website slogan is “Because normal girls won’t dress like this.” So how do you normally dress?
JC: Honestly? Casual—jogging pants, sneakers. Nothing special. If I am going to a club, hot dresses.

MM: On your Chickipedia entry, you state, “My job and a happy relationship do not match.” What will it take to change that?
JC: I need someone who accepts what I’m doing. I get a lot of attention from strange men, talking to me, giving me presents. This is very difficult. The guy has to be in secure in himself. He also has to like me as a real person.

MM: Have you had any weird experiences with guys coming up to you?
JC: My last meet and greet in California, one real fan got to have lunch with me. He said he had a girlfriend. Then in front of a whole TV production crew, he asked if he could hold my hand! And he kept trying to touch my leg.

MM: Not a good move? Got it. What would be an ideal first date?
JC: To have a nice dinner together at a nice restaurant, like a Bavarian hofbrau house. But that’s not ideal food for a model, so maybe Italian. He has to act like a real old-fashioned gentleman, not overwhelming me with stupid compliments. Not like a hillbilly.

MM: Speaking of Bavaria, how do you feel about lederhosen?
JC: I have lederhosen! I have dirndls, a traditional Bavarian dress. I’m shooting in Austria this weekend with lederhosen. Sometimes it’s very sexy, for men with nice legs.

MM: Any words to share with Made Man’s readers, who enjoy your photos on Chickipedia and, we’re guessing, on jordancarver.com?

JC: Thank you for support, guys! I will definitely surprise my fans this year and the next year with new and different stuff. I’m not doing the same thing all the time like all the other girls.