In case you missed smokin’ hot Jordana Brewster in Fast Five this summer, it’s out on DVD and Blu-ray this week. Our latest Made Babe, who stars in TNT’s reboot of Dallas next summer, tells us about her favorite rides, what satisfies her need for speed and the dog you should walk to get her in your shotgun seat.

MADE MAN: You are deliciously rebellious in this movie. Should guys go for the good girl or the bad girl?
JORDANA BREWSTER: Try both—variety is the spice of life!

MM: Did you do your own stunts?
JB: I did some, which was so exciting. When I jump off the roof and fall like 30 feet, it was me, but the crashing through the roof part was someone far braver and more experienced.

MM: Do you like fast cars now?
JB: I have a Ranger Rover Sport, and I want my next car to be the turbo-charged Ranger Rover Sport. But I don’t know how safe that would be in Los Angeles, especially with all the traffic we get.

MM: What was your favorite car to drive?
JB: I like sleek, expensive cars that look like James Bond would drive them. Masersati, Porsche, Aston Martin—you name it.

MM: Why do we have such a need for speed?
JB: I think it’s a way to release stress and it’s just fun. You’re like, how much further can I push this? So you test it out…

MM: Does a guy need to drive fast to impress a girl?
JB: No, he doesn’t. You can get a lot of mileage from just a little speed.

MM: You’re a proud dog owner. Do you think a guy’s chances improve if a girl sees him with a four-legged friend?
JB: I do! It shows his softer side, that he can nurture and care for something. And a playfulness, too. If he has a puppy, forget it!

MM: What’s the best breed of dog to walk to get the girl?
JB: A bulldog puppy is insanely cute. And I love my Labs, Henry and Ella, so that works too.

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