Julianne Hough is a quadruple threat—acting, singing, dancing and… being smokin’ hot. You’d think this sexy blonde would be content winning Dancing With the Stars twice, but she wanted more. So she’s parlaying her dancing fame into a successful music career and scoring starring roles in big screen flicks, such as the upcoming Footloose remake. Click through to see Julianne’s finest photos and read her advice for impressing the ladies on and off the dance floor.

MADE MAN: In Footloose, you play an untamed wild child. Can a guy tame a sexy wild girl enough to be in a relationship with her?
JULIANNE HOUGH: Never! Just kidding. Of course. I do it with myself every day.

MM: You started out as a dancer, then you moved on to being a dance coach and singing. Now you’re acting. Any advice on pursuing your dreams?
JH: I have always been like this. In high school, my father wanted me to take school-related classes and I kept telling him I needed more dance classes. You just can’t ever give up going for what you want.

MM: Dancing is just so sexy. Are your parents okay with all the risqué outfits you’ve had to wear?
JH: They’re supportive of everything that I wanted to do, even when I was too sexy for a seven-year old. But some of the costumes my dad was like, “Do you have to show your stomach?” And I’m like, “Dad, it’s just dancing.”

MM: Some people have been Tweeting their hate for this Footloose remake.
JH: Yeah, my favorite one was: “I can’t believe they are re-doing Footloose! Patrick Swayze would have been so upset!” It’s like, dude, did you even see the original?

MM: Got any tips for guys to use on the dance floor?
JH: Know how to move and take control. A girl likes when a guy takes control.


MM: But what about if he has two left feet?
JH: Let her dance on you! But if that doesn’t work, let’s hope he has a great personality. Then he could still win my heart.

MM: Next up you have another dance musical, Rock of Ages, with Tom Cruise.
JH: Yeah, I almost said no since it’s in the same genre as Footloose and Burlesque, but then they said Tom Cruise is in it and I’m like, “I’m in! I’m in!”