Sure, every woman who cracks the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a stunner. But the award for “Hottest Teen in Blue Bodypaint,” definitely goes to 2011’s Rookie of the Year, Kate Upton. Since then she’s stirred up YouTube, modeled for Victoria’s Secret and lit up Twitter. Her latest crowd-pleasing move: making the new SI Swimsuit issue’s cover. We asked the 5’10” bombshell for advice about taking twitpics (see a sampling below), doing the Dougie and dating guys like us.

MADE MAN: You get your picture taken for a living. Any photo tips?
KATE UPTON: I would say flash. Use flash. It helps with flaws. And a dark room. Dark room, flash. I think that’s ideal.

MM: Should guys try to make love to the camera?
KU: Ha ha. I mean, it’s whatever you want. If you really love the camera, love it! Go for it.

MM: We hear you’re an avid horse-woman. What’s the number one thing to remember when riding a horse?
KU: Horseback riding is kind of like modeling, actually. You have to have presence and confidence. But the number one thing is trust. Trust the horse. And then they’ll trust you and everything will work out.

MM: You have an excellent suntan. Got any sunbathing tips?
KU: Thank you. I’m blessed. My mom tans so easily. So just being out in the sun a few days, I’m nice and tan. I just have to use a little sunscreen. But my sisters, they’re like white and freckly, so they use tanning lotion, and it actually really works!

MM: Other than being gorgeous, how can people amass a Twitter following like yours?
KU: Honestly, when I look at other people’s Twitters, I only look at the pictures. Like, that’s all I’m interested in. So I like to tweet a lot of pictures.

MM: So that’s your advice, tweet a lot of pictures?
KU: Yes. And that was a tip that [CNBC sports business reporter] Darren Rovell gave me. Pictures.

MM: What if they’re not swimsuit model-caliber Tweeters?
KU: It’s okay. They can also tweet funny pictures. I don’t always tweet pictures of myself. You know, I’ll tweet pictures of funny signs. Like, one time I went into a dressing room, and it said, “How to Wear a Bra.” I was like, “Oh, good thing they described that to me, because I was struggling!”

MM: You nearly broke the Internet when you performed the Dougie at a Clippers game. What’s the key to a good Dougie?
KU: When my friend Damaris (Lewis) was teaching me how to Dougie, she was like, “Everyone has their own style for Dougie.” So I came up with my own style, within the basic guidelines of the Dougie, and I had fun with it. That’s what it’s about—just coming up with your own Dougie and using your best moves. I think my best move for the Dougie is the hair flip.

MM: You probably never get asked this, but what kind of attributes do you look for in a guy?
KU: A good sense of humor is very important. I like to have a good time and laugh.

MM: What’s one thing a guy can do to get a date with you or one of your model friends?
KU: I think just come up and be confident and make me laugh, and I’m sold. Take me to sushi. I’m really easy. I go with the flow.

MM: On said date, what should we absolutely do?
KU: Pay for dinner. Like the first date, right? Not every date, but for the first date, pay for dinner. Also, pick me up. You have to pick me up. I’m not going to meet you anywhere.

MM: Are there any things a guy should absolutely not do on a date?
KU: He probably shouldn’t tell me that I look bad or, like, say that I’m having a bad day or something. You know? That wouldn’t be a good opening line.

MM: No insults?
KU: Yeah, no insults.

MM: Does anybody do that?
KU: Yes, they do! They think that they’re funny, and they’ll say, “Oh, you’re not that good-looking,” or, “Why would you wear that dress?”

MM: They probably read in a book that they’re supposed to do that.
KU: It doesn’t work. With me at least. Maybe some girls immediately fall in love with that line.

Lead image from All others courtesy of Ms. Upton’s Twitter account.