She sent pulses racing as cheerleading vixen Lyla Garrity on Friday Night Lights. Now Minka Kelly is kicking butt as one-third of the babelicious trio of undercover crimefighters—with Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh—in ABC’s reboot of Charlie’s Angels. And while our latest Made Babe laughs off the notion of being a sex symbol, we respectfully disagree.

MADE MAN: Your movie career has been heating up. Were you looking for another series?
MINKA KELLY: I wasn’t necessarily looking for another series. I was looking for another job! I was very attracted to the camaraderie of the three women, and the fact that we all have broken pasts, and the idea of being able to turn your life around and do good with it. I get to play a character who’s different from anyone I’ve ever played before. This girl’s a badass and she’s not broken by a boy, so I’m excited about that and to be surrounded by these strong, beautiful, smart women.

MM: Do you have anything in common with Eve?
MK: She’s an orphan and had to fight and fend for herself to survive. I am an only child, I was raised by a single mother, and we moved around a lot so I understand what that’s about, and I also understand what it is to create your own family. I think a lot of people have that in common with myself and Eve.  It’s one of the many things that make the show really enjoyable. Along with the eye candy there’s a lot of depth and emotion.

MM: What do you think of the sexy wardrobe?
MK: It’s fun. That’s another exciting aspect of the show. I was really excited to get into the tomboy aspect of my character.  She’s the least girlie of the three. She’s more of the hippie urban girl.

MM: How do you like shooting in Miami?
MK: I think Miami is such a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous city. I love it there. The people there are wonderful. The only thing is the weather. Shooting outside when the humidity matches the temperature, that’s always special. We’ve got hair sticking to the side of our faces.

MM: What skills have you learned for the show?
MK: I’ve learned how to salsa dance and SCUBA dive, which I’ve always wanted to do. I learned how to horseback ride English-style, which is very hard by the way. I’ve always ridden horses, but Western is like riding on a rocking chair as opposed to English where you have to balance and hold on with your legs. Every day is a new adventure when we get these episodes.

MM: How does it feel to be a sex symbol?
MK: Oh, gosh, no! That’s hilarious. No. I mean, that’s incredibly flattering of course, but if you knew me in my daily life, you would laugh too!

MM: So do you take those sexy photo shoots as a joke?
MK: You certainly have to sort of laugh at yourself. You can’t take any of that too seriously, otherwise you would have to take the negative stuff just as seriously. So, all with a grain of salt. And certainly, there’s a lot of laughing going on at those shoots. Luckily I’ve had incredible photographers who make me really comfortable.

MM: What do you do to stay in such great shape?
MK: Oh, gosh, what don’t I do? I do lots of squats and lunges. I have really good trainers.

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