Guys who grew up ogling Summer Roberts—i.e., all of us—will be psyched Rachel Bilson is back on TV. In the CW’s Hart of Dixie (Mondays, 9/8c), The O.C.’s girl next door stars as a newly minted New York City doctor, Zoe Hart, who takes a job in tiny Bluebell, Alabama. She had us at “Rachel Bilson plays doctor,” but here’s more.

MADE MAN: What drew you to this role?
RACHEL BILSON: She’s a very intelligent, independent woman, but she’s motivated, and she doesn’t stop at anything to get what she wants. She doesn’t have the best tact, and she’s not very polite, no bedside manner, none of that stuff. I just really liked that she was so strong and so sure in everything she does, and then she’s thrown into this situation, the fish out of water, which is always fun to play.

MM: Do you think you could live in a small town?
RB: I think I would do quite well. I’m a mellow person who likes to sleep and rest and would love to hang my feet off a porch any day. And I’m pretty small and can fit in without a glitch.

MM: Have you gotten used to the medical lingo?
RB: It definitely takes a few tries, but I am getting it down—I hope!

MM: Can you handle the sight of blood? Any needle phobias?
RB: I am fine with blood and shots. I don’t really freak out with that stuff.

MM: Would you be able to handle a doctor’s schedule?
RB: I feel like I do have a doctor’s schedule. I’m waking up at 5 a.m. every day to report to work. But I don’t have to do what doctors do—I just have to pretend to do it.

MM: If there were a medical emergency, would you know what to do?
RB: I can do a suture, but I probably wouldn’t save you!

MM: Who would win in a catfight between Zoe and Summer?
RB: Summer would totally take Zoe, and Zoe could stitch her up after.