Ever go to a bar with your best friend, and you both lose your minds over the same beautiful girl? This Means War—opening this weekend and starring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as two secret agents battling over one woman—takes that dilemma to a whole new level. Probably because the girl they both want is the always foxy Reese Witherspoon. We asked our newest Made Babe about fightin’, datin’, drinkin’ and more.

MADE MAN: What’s it like to have two CIA spies fighting over you?
REESE WITHERSPOON: It’s every girl’s fantasy to have two unbelievably hot, sexy guys battling over you! Lauren doesn’t know that Tuck and FDR are secret agents for the CIA. This Means War is almost like two different movies. My character’s in a comedy and my costars, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, are in a big action film.

MM: You looked like you were having fun with those action scenes.
RW: Definitely. I wish I could have done more. I was asking the director MCG to give me the gun! This is sort of a first for me. I’ve never really made an action film before. There are all sorts of crazy sequences—car chases and shootouts and people jumping off buildings. We had a really good time.

MM: What was your favorite date you had in the movie?
RW: The trapeze scene. Tom practiced for at least a month. He rehearsed and woke up super early in the morning and even had a trapeze built into his yard.

MM: Any stunts you were afraid to do?
RW: Nope. And it was fun on my first day to shoot Tom in the crotch with a paintball. I didn’t know him very well, so that was a good icebreaker.

MM: Your character has two sides to her as well.
RW: Yeah. At work she is the most decisive woman in the world, but in her personal life she’s very indecisive. I think a lot of people can relate to her feeling of, “Am I picking the right girl/guy for me?”

MM: The guys meet you online. What’s your take on Internet dating?
RW: I think a lot of people do it. That’s what the commercials say, right? One in five people meet each other online.

MM: Did you have a dating decisions guru in your life like you have in the film?
RW: Just like in the film, I consult Chelsea Handler for most of my decisions, actually! I met her two years ago at Jen Aniston’s house and I was terrified of her, but I thought she was brilliant. She is just like her character, a loyal friend. There are very few women that are as funny as she is.

MM: Did you guys go drinking during/after the movie?
RW: We’ve been drinking a lot!

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