Looking for a leggy lovely who tells it like it is? Try Rose McGowan, who returns to the silver screen in this weekend’s Conan the Barbarian. Yes, she looks freaky in the movie, and she once played a go-go dancer with a machine gun leg, but in real life she’s hot, brutally honest and bursting with advice about evil women, dogs and proper footwear.  (P.s.—Can’t read? No problem! Scroll to the bottom and click “Next Page” for a gallery of McGowan’s sexiest shots.)

MADE MAN: You’ve been on Charmed and now are playing an evil sorceress. Are you a black magic woman in real life?
ROSE MCGOWAN: No, although I do like that song!

MM: What can a guy do to avoid the charms of an evil woman?
RM: I think if the evil woman wants you, she’s going to come and get you. I don’t know that a guy can resist her. Guys are pretty easy. I’m not sure if they’re smart enough to avoid!

MM: Is there anything from that medieval barbarian time period that today’s guys can learn from?
RM: Well I don’t want somebody to drag me by my hair down the street! But there is a raw masculinity, and that’s exciting, because we don’t see that very often. When we see these super comic book heroes, they’re usually wimpy guys wrestling emotionally with themselves…who are turned into extraordinary characters via a ring, amulet, spider web or whatever the hell it is. Conan just has his hands, which is nice.

MM: You do activism on behalf of Boston terriers. How much does having a dog augment a guy’s game?
RM: It means they have a humanity to them. I’ve had guys come over and they won’t pet my dog. I’m like, you know what, bye-bye. I’m not saying kiss my dog repeatedly, but at least acknowledge its existence and be friendly. If a guy doesn’t do that, there’s a chip missing.

MM: Guys can meet women and volunteer with a rescue too…
RM: That’s how I got my dog, Happy. He’s 11 now; I got him two years ago, when he was nine. Someone threw him out of a car, which was very nice of them. I rescued him and named him Happy, and he’s the happiest dog. They just love you unconditionally—guys can learn from that too. I also believe in rescuing older animals, because how would you like to be discarded after people get tired of you?

MM: What’s the sexiest dog a guy can walk to meet a girl?
RM: I think dogs that are sleek-looking, like Weimaraners. They’re very chic. They look like they’re very fashionable. Maybe a girl would be interested as a result.

MM: What can dogs teach us about being better humans?
RM: Oh my god, they teach us so much. One of the most important things is empathy. They seem to have an uncanny understanding of us. And no matter what I’m going though, if I had a bad day, my dog is there for me.

MM: You’ve said that straight guys can learn a lot from gay men.
RM: Well, sexually, naturally. But also just not to take everything so damn seriously. I had a relationship where the guy was perfect, but he just couldn’t relax. He had no sense of humor. And I justified staying with him, saying, well, he’s not really funny, but I can get that from my friends. And then, I realized, no, I can’t. You want somebody who’s emotional and takes things seriously, but also has levity to them and sees the absurdities of life.

MM: Got style advice for guys?
RM: Go to John Varvatos, and buy something…don’t look schlubby. Try to be a bit more streamlined. You don’t want the guy to look like a fashion plate, but classic with a twist, something with good detail on it. And don’t ever wear a priest collar—those are only good on priests—or men’s dressy square-toed shoes! Oh my God, I hate them!  I will never go out with somebody who wears square-toed shoes. I look at that, and I’m like, ‘Aw, such a shame. You’re very handsome, but your shoes…forget it.’

MM: Any tips for bringing out the inner barbarian in you?
RM:  Yeah, go see Conan the Barbarian and you’re going to come out and live, love, slay and be content, just like him!  It’s all about being raw and powerful in just your natural state, not just flying around with a cape!

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