Sara Paxton must not scare easily. In the past few years, the California native has starred in movies titled The Haunted Lighthouse, The Last House on the Left and Shark Night 3D, which hits theaters today. (From the trailer, it looks like a lot of kickass animatronic sharks, screaming and Paxton in a blue bikini. Good times!) No surprise, then, that this perky 23-year-old is full of frighteningly good dating advice. Check out her best thoughts below…and her hottest shots here.

MADE MAN: While Shark Night 3D is scary, a first date can be, too. Any advice?
SARA PAXTON: The number one concern my single girlfriends are having is how scared guys are on dates. And I kinda don’t understand why. We’re not going to bite you! I don’t think guys realize that if we are there on the date, we like you. So please, loosen up. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like to make the first move, since I’m too nervous myself!

MM: And how do you deal with that?
SP: I usually text or call one of my girlfriends, and they calm me down. Last week, I called my friend after the doorbell rang and screamed: “He’s at the front door! What should I do?” And they’re like, “Answer the door, stupid!” And then I really know how much I need to calm way, way down.

MM: Is a scary movie a good first date?
SP: I think so, why not? It’s a classic first-date move—the girl gets afraid and the guy gets the chance to cuddle her so she’s not scared. And then you both can bond over it and talk about all the scary parts.

MM: If a guy cooked for you on a date, you’d be impressed?
SP: Most definitely. That would be a big plus. And I’d cook for him too, just not on the first date. He’d have to earn that.

MM: What’s a scary thing a guy can do that will make you never want to see him again?
SP: I had a guy cry on the first date, and that was terrifying. He was older than me so I wasn’t expecting it. He said that he hadn’t felt this way in a very long time. I felt bad, but I was just like, “Dude, you are crying, and you don’t even know me.” Needless to say, I never saw him again.

MM: Would you still date a guy who is afraid of spiders?
SP: Yes! I definitely would. I’ve been on dates where I went to the bathroom and saw a spider and asked the guy to kill it and his response was, “You do it!” And I was like, “But you’re the guy?!?” But I would still date the guy. That’s not a good enough reason to run away.

MM: Meanwhile, a lot of guys are afraid of commitment, but often it’s the girls’ issue too.
SP: I think the fear is there because the person has been burned from a previous relationship. It takes time to heal, and everyone has their own process. If you’ve met someone who is hesitating to get further involved, take it slow for a while. If it’s right, it will develop on its own.

MM: Scariest pickup line you’ve heard?
SP: I was in Hawaii, walking on the beach at night with my cousins. This guy came up and said, “Did it hurt?” And I said, “What?” And he said the cheesiest line I have ever heard: “When you fell from heaven, did it hurt?” It was so horrible. Guys, definitely come up with something original if you are going to approach a girl!

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