By Susan Hornik

A recent Break Media poll named Sarah Silverman the second-funniest female comedian (after Tina Fey). If only we’d asked, “Who’s the funniest female comedian who secretly haunts your dreams?” Miss Silverman would’ve run away with it. A raw, sexy, intriguing beauty who tells it like it is, no matter how controversial the topic…it’s all so overwhelming. Three ways to get your Sarah fix: 1. Check out the new flick Peep World (trailer at bottom), in which she plays the self-loathing artist sister of a guy who’s just written a best-selling tell-all about his less-than-perfect family. 2. Grab the just-dropped paperback edition of The Bedwetter. 3. Keep reading.

MADE MAN: In Peep World, you are kind of romantically involved with a nebbishy nerd. In real life, would you date a guy like that?
SARAH SILVERMAN: Would I date a nerd? Have you seen my boyfriends? Have you seen my “who’s dated who” page?!? Yeah, I would. First of all, I like to be smaller. I like to be the smaller one, preferably. So yeah. I like nerds. But I also like a guy who can fix things. I like a handy man that likes to watch TV and is liberal slanted. Does that exist?

MM: You seem to get a lot of marriage proposals on your Facebook fan page. What makes you so lovable, and do you think Facebook is a good way to meet someone?
SS: What makes me so lovable? Look, asshole, what do you think? Facebook, I’m not really on Facebook. Those are fake me’s. I’ve met someone on Twitter. Because you can see that they’re funny and that’s really the most important thing, and kind. And a big penis. Not big but substantial. Nothing to sneeze at.

MM: So it’s not lame to get a date through social networking?
SS: No. What’s lamer than going to a bar?

MM: You’ve made news over the years for refusing to back down from statements that offended people, usually because people just don’t get your jokes. If a guy was offended and didn’t apologize, are you more likely to be pissed or sort of respect him for it?
SS: Well, that’s a case-by-case scenario. You know, I can respect someone for sticking to their guns if you believe in something.

MM: We’ve heard you’re supposed to tell a pretty girl she’s funny and a funny girl she’s pretty. So, what do you do with the girls who are both pretty and funny?
SS: Just say she’s pretty. Or say she’s funny for a girl. That’s always so complimentary.

MM: In our recent survey, you and Tina Fey were voted the top two female comedians. Who do you think is really funny?
SS: Oh, there are so many great comics right now. Tig Notaro is so brilliant. So brilliant. I can’t wait for everybody to know who she is. Chelsea Peretti, Natasha Leggero, these are names that I think everybody will know soon. They’re just so talented. Todd Glass is one of my favorite comedians. Those are my favorites right now I think.

MM: 30 Rock featured an ultra-girly character some say is based on at least one of your comedic personas. Did you see it? What did you think?
SS: I didn’t see it. My friends that saw it said it’s not me. I don’t know, I have no idea. I am not inside the writers’ brains. I watch 30 Rock on planes and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this show is so funny!’ But when I’m home, I’m a one-hour drama girl.

MM: What’s the best joke you’ve heard or told lately?
SS: Oh, somebody had a great joke, a comedian named Quinn Dahle. (You have to say the Quinn Dahle part. Don’t edit me just saying the joke because that would be me stealing a joke! I always have to say that because I’ve seen that before and it rips your heart out.) Quinn Dahle has a joke where he goes up to a girl and goes, ‘Hey, you want to go back to my place and have sex?’ The girl goes, ‘I never usually do this, but I’m going to pass. ‘ I thought that was funny! Great joke.

MM: What’s the biggest difference between you and your character?
SS: In the movie? I feel responsible for my own happiness.

MM: The family in this movie looks seriously dysfunctional. Can you relate at all?
SS: Well, not this specific family, no. But I think everybody has a dysfunctional family. Everyone can paint a picture of their childhood or their family that is blissful and it can be true and say that it is tragic and that can be true as well. It’s not all black and white.

MM: Any parting words of wisdom for guys?
SS: I think men in general, society forces them to be kind of strong. I think it’s okay to be vulnerable without being a pussy.

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