We’ve searched far and wide, and we have yet to find a lady from down under we don’t love. Today it’s model/
actress/paparazzi favorite Sophie Monk, last seen displaying her continued good relations with two-piece swimwear in Hard Breakers. We figured it was a good time to ask her about the flick, her best advice for having a kickass summer and, of course, how to romance a hot Aussie.

MADE MAN: In Hard Breakers, you get to turn the tables on guys.
SOPHIE MONK: Yeah, to even the score and show guys that men‘ class=’linkify’ target=’_blank’>women can play dirty too. But then my character learns from her mistakes, and re-examines her own dysfunctional relationship to men. Really, it was great to act like a man, which is exactly like I am in real life. I loved playing a role that wasn’t so girly.

MM: It’s got a lot of beach scenes. What’s your favorite U.S. beach?
SM: I love going down to Malibu—all the beaches are just so clean and gorgeous. And I love Laguna Beach, just because I’ve watched the TV show in Australia before I moved to America, and I loved that show! But really, it almost doesn’t matter at what beach, I just love the sound of the ocean, nothing beats it. It’s like music.



MM: Best summer drink?
SM: Well, I try to live summer all year round. I live in Australia and then in the U.S., if I can. I love a cold glass of white wine with ice in it.



MM: Best beach food?
SM: I love all kinds of fruit, but especially watermelon. I love seafood, like shrimp and lobster.



MM: Best Friday afternoon driving-to-the-beach song?
SM: Say My Name, by Destiny’s Child. I just love that song for some reason. I love it!

MM: Best male swimwear: Speedos, mid-length shorts or board shorts?
SM: Board shorts all the way. Unless you’re European, you shouldn’t wear any of the others!

MM: Manscaping for the beach: waxed chest, trimmed chest, or au naturel?
SM: Au naturel, unless you’re a teddy bear and you’re covered in hair.

MM: Working out at the beach: sexy or douchey?
SM: Douchey. A little too much like you’re trying too hard. But I do like to walk or jog down the beach.

MM: Worst pick-up move: throwing a football so it accidently lands next to your towel…or asking if you’re upper anatomy qualifies as floatation devices?
SM: Definitely asking if you’re upper anatomy qualifies as floatation devices, that one!

MM: What’s a good pick-up line?
SM: I don’t think there is a good pick-up line. You need something totally original, I guess. And that’s rare these days…

MM: Best advice for picking up a girl?
SM: Don’t try. I think when you don’t pay them attention, especially if they’re attractive, that works best. I think there’s something in being confident—really feeling confident, and not pretending to be.

MM: What have you learned from your own romantic relationships?
SM: That I have to slow down. I think I rush into it because I’m in a foreign country, but really, there’s no hurry.

MM: Best hot date?
SM: I like romance. If you really like the girl, show her. One time in Queensland, my date and I were at the Versace hotel. There were petals all over the bed and dinner at a little set-up outside. That was really nice. And ask the girl questions about herself—don’t just have it be about you. I remember the worst date I was ever on: this guy took me out and talked about himself for the entire night. And every few minutes, he’d tell me another movie he was in. It was so bad.

MM: What do you look for in a guy?
SM: Someone that makes me laugh. I think that’s the most important thing for me.