Just because she’s through cheering for the Ravens, body-slamming WWE foes and spicing up Dancing With the Stars doesn’t mean Stacy Keibler and her 42-inch stems are done. She’s got a movie called Dysfunctional Friends with fellow hottie Brooke Burns in the works, she may be back on NBC’s Chuck (see a clip that’ll leave you hating Stone Cold Steve Austin below), and she’s scheduled to co-host a Speed Channel show, Ultimate Gymkhana, this summer. We hit her up about her wrestling past, tall girl pick-up tips, and of course those endless legs.

UPDATE: Fresh off his recent breakup with Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney has already moved on, in great fashion, to former Ravens cheerleader/WWE wrestler/Stars dancer/model/actress/Made Babe Stacy Keibler, who’s featured in a new Made Man galleryStacy Keibler and Her Hotness.

MADE MAN: You’ve been a cheerleader, a wrestler, a dance show contestant, and an actress—which is your favorite gig?
STACY KEIBLER: I’ve  loved every one of them and I feel they have all been stepping stones to other things. I feel like I’ve been an aspiring actress since I was five, so I’ve had entertainment in my blood, and I really love acting in comedies. I love working with my charity, After School All Stars. There’s sports, arts, acting, and the kids get a chance to see what they are good at and what they like.

MM: Have you given fellow former wrestler Chris Jericho any Dancing With the Stars advice?
SK: I said that the one thing to do is to take to heart what the judges say, because they’re actually just giving you constructive criticism. If you put your emotions aside and listen to what they have to say and you really try to improve, then you will do well.

MM: Skye, Miss Hancock, Dutchess of Dudleyville, Weapon of Mass Seduction. Which was your favorite wrestling nickname and why?
SK: I think my favorite one was Stacy Keibler! I like my own name the most.

MM: What’s sexier, a guy who can dance or a guy who can wrestle?
SK: A guy who can dance. Definitely!

MM: Your legs are legendarily long. Does a guy need to have similar stems to go out with you?
SK: Most of the guys that I have seriously dated were taller than me. My height or taller, but that doesn’t mean he has to be like that to take me out!

MM: Any advice on trying to pick up a tall girl?
SK: I just think that they should be themselves and not really worry about the height thing. There is a lot more to people than physical appearances…all the way around.

MM: Best fitness tip?
SK: Try Zumba! It is just so much fun! I get so sweaty, but then the next day I’m sore! It’s such a great all around workout. I love being able to lose myself in the dancing and the sexiness of the hip movements.

MM: Sounds like a great place for a guy to meet a girl?
SK: Yeah, why not? When you are supposed to meet someone you meet them no matter where it is. If it’s a Zumba class, the grocery store, you just really can’t control those things.

(Frequent entertainment contributor Susan Hornik also writes for
Maxim and Health. She recently interviewed Dennis Quaid for Made Man.)