Yvonne Strahovski is in a lot of stuff. For the past five years, she’s been the best thing about Chuck, the cult-favorite NBC series that airs Fridays at 8/7c… and ends January 27. “It’s a pretty big chapter to close,” notes the Australia-born, Polish-speaking beauty. “And definitely very emotional. I cried for the last month of shooting.” She’s also lent her talents to movies like The Killer Elite and video games like Mass Effect 2. The latest starlet to get the skinsuit photo shoot treatment from SoBe (enjoy the outtakes!), Strahovski will next play Seth Rogen’s love interest in My Mother’s Curse. But there’s nothing cursed about her looks—or the strong opinions about fitness, dating and Foster’s she shared in this exclusive Made Babe Q&A.

MADE MAN: We assume you work out a lot. What are some fitness turn-offs of yours?
YVONNE STRAHOVSKI: I don’t know about other women, but it’s not really my thing when guys are way too beefy. Toned and in shape is good.

MM: Any other turn-offs in general?
YS: Yes. Men removing hair from their bodies. I’m not into that. I like a man to be a man. Hairy, you know? Maybe if there’s an overload of back hair, it would be acceptable to remove that. But anywhere else, it can stay.

MM: What’s your ideal-looking guy? Long hair, beard…?
YS: He’s a caveman from prehistoric times. And he has a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex.

MM: So if you were making rules for the gym, what would they be?
YS: People should wear deodorant in the gym. They should wipe their palm sweat off the weights and stuff. Towel off the seat on the bike. Clean up your body fluids!

MM: What’s the best way for you to be approached?
YS: To be approached? By a courting gentleman? I was just approached before. Someone was interviewing me. He wooed me with onion rings. It’s probably not the best way to approach someone. With onion rings.

MM: You also speak Polish because your parents moved to Australia from Poland. Would it be cool if a guy said something in Polish?
YS: Yeah, sure. That’s kind of cool. I mean, the flight attendant on my flight from LA to New York was Polish, so we spoke in Polish, so that was kind of cool. I ordered a glass of wine in Polish. He was from the same city that my parents and my whole family are from.

MM: Are you guys dating now?
YS: Yeah, we’re secretly dating. I invited him over for onion rings.

MM: So how long did this SoBe skinsuit take to put on, anyway? And do you have a favorite SoBe flavor?
YS: It took six hours to paint the palm fronds and the coconuts onto my body. We shot down in Miami. South Beach. We started at midnight and they painted me until the sun rose. We did that for three days. But it was amazing. And my favorite flavor out of the three new ones with coconut water is the Mango Mandarin. But I also like the zero-calorie ones.

MM: OK, last question, but probably the most important one. You’re from Australia. Do people really drink Foster’s down there?
YS: Well, I feel like most people in Australia drink VB. Although I feel very un-Australian because I don’t really drink a lot of beer. Nor do I eat vegemite, which every Australian eats. But Foster’s… not really. I feel like I’ve seen more Foster’s drinkers here than in Australia.

MM: We knew it.

(To see more of Yvonne, check out the video below—yes, it’s basically an ad for SoBe, but it’s a damn good one—or check out the SoBe Facebook page or pick up the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which hits newsstands February 14.)