We’d like you to rethink the term “UGG boots” for a moment. Erase the image of those soft fluffy tubes that became the de-facto casual footwear of women everywhere a few years ago and instead picture a pair of tough, full-grain leather stompers that can take on the harshest winter weather and make you look good doing it. Those are the kind of boots UGG has created for their new men’s line. Manly enough for you? Let’s start with the Hannen ($260), pictured here.

Part rugged and part refined, the Hannen is built from leather, sheepskin and rubber for a sturdy and durable feel. It’s waterproofed, so it’ll hold up in rough conditions, and a Vibram outsole underneath paired with a thick layer of wool on the inside offer comfort and warmth. There are four available colors to choose from, but we recommend the Cordovan, a classic leather tone that looks at home paired with the Hannen’s worn-brass eyelets.

UGG has returned to the man side, which means you officially have permission to wear their shoes. For a closer look at the Hannen, visit UGG.