Spring break packing list

Too often, spring marks the beginning of the how-the-hell-did-I-get-so-many obligations season. It can seem like every weekend is booked with some sort of activity—some fun (friend stuff), some excruciating (family stuff), some that could go either way (weddings). Regardless, you don’t want to spend even more time packing. So, we’ve put together the ultimate packing list: one weekend, one weekender bag—everything you need.

Before spring and summer shit gets real, take some time for yourself. A grown-up spring break gives you a hall pass to relive past social glories for three to five days. So round up some buddies, round up some beers, pick a locale, throw this stuff in your bag and head somewhere with a beach and limited cell service. After this winter, you deserve it.

1. Adios Pantalones T-Shirt
Can you remember the last time your calves saw the light of day? You may not even be sure what they look like anymore, Powder. Well, you have plenty of time to sun your legs the next few days, and this T-shirt kicks off the vibe. $28 at buymebrunch.com

2. Scotch & Soda Beach Break T-Shirt
This is what you’re going to wear on the plane, and rewear throughout the weekend while you’re actually on the beach. What better way to set the tone for the weekend than morning beers on the plane in a “Beach Break” tee? $70 at scotch-soda.com

3. Faherty Turquoise Plaid Swim Trunks
Ideally you’ll be wearing your bathing suit more than anything else you throw in your bag, so you want to bring along one that’s high-quality enough to go from the water, to the sand, to the beach bar and to the store while you’re on another beer run. This one will do the job nicely, and it even has a secret back pocket to hold cash and your room key. $138 at fahertybrand.com

4. Izola “May You Never” shot glass set
What’s a friends weekend without taking an irresponsible number of shots? But you don’t want to lug around actual shot glasses or pay a premium for bottom-shelf island rum. Instead, pick up these stainless steel, transportable and durable shot glasses, all featuring a phrase that embodies a debaucherous weekend with friends. $30 at izola.com

5. Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Speaker
Any party needs music, but sand and water are not usually friends with electronics. Don’t abandon your dreams of drinking on the beach to Bob Marley’s Greatest Hits. The Turtle Shell Speaker is as durable as they come–it’s waterproof, dustproof, syncs wirelessly to your phone, and has a long battery life. You will indeed be jammin’. $130 at outdoortechnology.com

6. J. Crew Island Slipper Flip-Flops
A good pair of flip-flops can be hard to find. The cheap ones always find a way of cutting into your foot, which is torture on sand. Invest in this pair, which can take you from the beach to a casual restaurant for dinner. $90 at jcrew.com

7. Sperry Top-Sider Hawaiian Print Slip-On Sneakers
Something about Hawaiian print says, “I am here, and I am ready to tear it up in the sunshine.” But if you want to avoid looking like your Uncle Jim, skip the shirt and relegate the print to your shoes. $70 at sperrytopsider.com

8. Stanley Stripe Snapback Hat
You’re going to be out in the sun. Listen to your mother and wear a hat. And maybe it’s time to upgrade that team hat you’ve been wearing for the past ten years anyway, eh? saturdaysnyc.com

9. F+T Smell Right Soap
There are literally two grooming products you need for your beach weekend: soap and sunblock. Salt water will do the rest. Don’t even pack a razor. You can shave when you get home. $15 for a 3-pack, at flintandtinderusa.com

10. Fort Knocks Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
You love your Ray-Bans. So do we. So does everyone. But let’s face it—a boozy weekend in the out of doors isn’t a place to take your top-shelf sunglasses. Pack a pair of Knockarounds. They’re stylish, but at $30, your buddy can sit on them in the back of the rental car with impunity. $30 at knockaround.com

11. J. Crew Muslin Plaid Shirt
If your newfound beach attitude truly grabs hold, you might end up trying to renounce clothing altogether. “I am not putting a shirt on until I get on the goddamned plane,” you may drunkenly announce. But remember: You can’t eat a steak without a shirt. This one is lightweight and will look great with a pair of shorts. $75 at jcrew.com

12. Jack Spade Sharpe shorts
Speaking of shorts, these are an ideal pair to bring with you. You’ll be wearing your swim trunks for most of the time, but these are perfect for heading to dinner or, ahem, going to “da club.” $148 at jackspade.com

13. Difficult Men
The season’s ideal beach read, Difficult Men explores all of your favorite TV anti-heroes—starting with Tony Soprano and covering Don Draper, Walter White, and many more, providing plenty of juicy tidbits to toss around while you’re working on your tan. $15 at amazon.com

14 and 15. Better Weather IPA and Summer Love Ale
Beer. Stock your beer cooler with lots of it. Start out with a nice one, like Better Weather IPA or Summer Love Ale, both names that just give out good vibes. But for God’s sake, don’t forget to drink some water. Nothing breaks up a beach party like heat stroke. goldenroad.la and victorybeer.com