Summer is finally here, and that means you’re probably making plans to get the hell out of Dodge and end up somewhere where there’s water, trees, beer and no work emails. Before you head out to the wilderness to act like a mountain man with your buddies, throw the following things into your bag.  You’ll be a bona fide survivalist. 

1-2. T-shirts
Show how thrilled you are about finally breaking out of the concrete jungle and getting into something that resembles a real jungle with these outdoor-themed t-shirts.

Summer Camp T-Shirt ($38, Best Made Co.), Summer Essentials T-Shirt ($28, Edgevale


3. Shorts
When you’re hanging around camp, you’ll want to feel comfortable and sun your pale legs—and these Ritchie Gingham Shorts will help you do exactly that.

Ritchie Gingham Shorts ($75, Saturdays NYC


4. Swim trunks
If you’re camping by a lake, river or stream, you know that you’re going to want to dive in at some point. Pack a proper swimsuit so you don’t sacrifice your boxers.

Bulldog Photographic Swim Trunks ($345, Orlebar Brown


5. Hiking pants
You can’t traipse around the woods in shorts unless you’re looking to get Lyme Disease (you’re not, right?), so pack a pair of hiking pants to wear while you’re climbing to the top of that mountain just for the picture to post on Instagram.

Kuhl Renegade Hiker Pants ($79, REI


6. Sweatshirt
Even the hottest summer days get cooler when you’re in the middle of the woods at night, which means you’ll want something to pull on when you’re sitting around the campfire drinking beers.

Bowery Bogus Sweatshirt ($98, Saturdays NYC)


7. Hat  
Keep the sun out of your face and the bugs out of your hair with a baseball hat.  This Strapback features a bit of camo on the underside of the brim, making you feel like Grisly Adams.

Duck Season Strapback ($50, The Legends League)


8. Healthy snacks for the trail
There’s no doubt that you and your buddies are going to roll up to your campsite with plenty of beer to drink and meat to grill (and the ingredients to make S’mores if you’re extra-precious), but you also need to think about healthy snacks to pack while you’re hiking, kayaking, and doing other physical stuff.  No one wants to eat Ruffles Cheddar Baked Potato Chips while they’re climbing a mountain.  Pack some Krave Beef Jerky (available in a host of unique flavor pairings) for your hike.  Eat the junk food later, around the campfire.

Krave Beef Jerky ($7) 


9. Sleeping bag
The last sleeping bag you owned had Superman on it, but here’s a reason to invest in a grown-up one: you don’t want to sleep on the ground.  This one is comfortable, water-resistant, lightweight, and will last you for years.

Zissou Sleeping Bag ($280, REI


10. Compass
Sure, your iPhone has a built-in compass but do you think any great explorer discovered something using his iPhone compass?  Negative, bro.  Get a real one. This one is even small enough to clip to your jacket or backpack’s zipper.

Brunton Zip Compass ($13, REI


11. Hobo knife
Everyone’s going to show up with plastic utensils, but will be instantly jealous of your three-in-one Hobo Knife, that includes a quality knife as well as a fork and spoon.

Hobo Knife ($26, Best Made Co.


12. Flask
Unlike the legions of cheap flasks you got for groomsmen gifts, this Stanley Classic Flask is high quality.  It’s made with odorless stainless steel and will stand up to weather and wear, making it a flask you’ll actually keep around for years (and bonus: it’s not engraved with “Sarah & Jake’s Wedding”).

Stanley Classic Flask ($28) 


13. Body Wash
Whether your bathroom for the weekend is the great outdoors or the campsite’s sketchy bathroom, the rule of thumb for grooming on a camping weekend is keep it simple. This pine-scented body wash will be all you need until you get home on Sunday for a proper scrub down.

Pine Man Wash ($35, Chiefs


14. Enamel mugs
You’ll be drinking beer out of the bottle all weekend, but if you want something else, you’ll need an actual cup.  Enamel mugs are campsite staples because they’re so versatile (and they’ll stand up to the campfire if you want to heat up food or drinks in them), and this set from Unityware are perfect for this trip and all the wilderness weekends to come.

Unityware Enamel Mugs ($45 for set, Norquay Co.)  


15. Sneakers
Footwear is important during a wilderness weekend and you should tailor what you bring based on what activities you’re planning (ie: if you’re planning intense hiking, pack hiking boots and thick socks).  If you’re planning some water-based activities, check out these new sneakers from Sperry, which are made to give you sure footing while you’re kayaking, canoeing, or messing around near a body of water.

H20 Escape Bungee Sneaker ($90, Sperry Top-Sider


16. Speaker
The best part about being in the wilderness is that you can blast tunes without worrying about anyone judging your questionable taste in music.  You can blast as much One Direction as you want with this water-resistant, shockproof wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Buckshot Rugged Outdoor Speaker ($50, Outdoor Tech