The Long Shot: Alien life being proven to exist in 2017.

The Odds: 66/1 (via Paddy Power).

Why It Might Happen: Here is the perfect bet for all of us looking to get ahead (and for all you sci-fi nerds out there). Look, we know there is not much evidence to support aliens existing right now, but that’s why it’s called a long shot.

Also, this is the best time to make this bet. NASA’s Juno mission continues to be a success. It reached the halfway point of its first orbit of Jupiter on July 31 and it’s set to get within “just” 2,600 miles of the giant planet by the end of this month. As it continues to orbit Jupiter, Juno will be able to explain many aspects of the planet that were until now a mystery. It my find evidence of aliens as well.

So make this bet and pray for extraterrestrials on Jupiter (and pray for NASA to find them). I’ll put 100 bucks on this and take home a cool $6,600 next year. (And maybe a pet alien as well.)

Did we convince you? If so, bet here. If not, don’t bet there.